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>> president barack obama and his family attending the annual "christmas in washington" concert tonight. the concert, held at the national building museum, benefits children's national medical center. the 31st installment is hosted for a second year by comedian conan o'brien. among the performers appearing are diana ross and mccreery. if you were hoping to see it, don't worry -- it's not aired on t-v until december 21st. >> the national hanukkah menorah was lit today during a special ceremony in the nation's capital. today marked the first day - and second night - of hanukkah. thousands of people attended the lighting ceremony, which took place on the ellipse. the first lighting of the national hanukkah menorah, 1979. earlier in the newscast we told you about the looming fiscal cliff -- at the apparent dead-lock in washinton. now -- some government agencies are making contingency plans, just in case. emily schmidt shows us the possible impact on agencies
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that regulate food safety. >> "oh, i like this one" >> preparing for the holidays at paul and tressa bennett's house is a reminder of something else just around the corner , a fiscal cliff deadline that's personal here. >> "i can't imagine funding being cut at this point. it would be tragic". >> tressa is worried mandatory budget cuts would hurt food safety inspection that's mattered to her since her twins were born in 1999. >> 'chloe was in the hospital for two weeks, luke for three" >> she and her babies got listeria poisoning from meat she ate while pregnant. the centers for disease control says contaminated food sickens about 48 million people a year, 3000 people die, so the fda and the usda's food safety and inspection service are charged with protecting the food supply. an 8-point-2 percent budget cut translates to a combined $157 million dollars. there's no word exactly what cuts would mean to inspector staffing "both fda and usda are already stretched pretty thin when it comes to the inspection activities and the food safety work they do.they really need increased resources and not
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fewer resources." >> "agencies always say they're stretched". >> dean clancy is with freedomworks an organization that promotes smaller government, and he says the cuts leave nothing to fear. >> "arguing that getting spending under control endangers public health and safety is a really irresponsible scare tactic. especially when you realize that these aren't real cuts, these are reductions from anticipated increases in spending". >> "if you cut the budget for the work that these agencies do, it is going to significantly impact them today, its going to impact them tomorrow" "you made this one, didn't you?' >> tressa bennett and her kids are now healthy and food safety advocates >> "remember, we all have to eat." >> and, they say, nobody should have to fear what they eat. >> "a company that tracks food recalls says there were 414 last quarter.the highest level in at least two years.most of them came from worries about foodbourne illness. emily schmidt, cnn washington"
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>> today was the first day that same sex couples in washington state were able to legally marry. there were more than 140 people that registered to marry today at seattle's city hall. seattle mayor mike mcginn is calling it a great and joyous day that is seeing a new civil right being recognized. sixteen local judges volunteered to officiate the weddings today up until five p-m.there could soon be a final decision on whether or not same-sex marriage will be allowed here in california. the supreme court decided this week to review the state's voter approved ban. justices will also hear a related case concerning the defense of marriage act. kron 4's dan kerman takes a look at what this all means. >> i now declare you spouses for life. >> same-sex couples will have to wait a little bit longer to tie the knot in california at the u.s. supreme court to review proposition 8, the voters approved a ban on same-sex
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marriage means legal briefs will be filed in the case will be argued early next year. >> is one simple question does that constitute permit same-sex marriage port equal protection for everyone? for equal protection or not. >> uc hastings law professor laurie hastings saying that they are reviewing proposition 8 and the defense of act is significant because of wor--rory.. >> they are granting to cases and alone for every possible question. >> many people watching supreme court that kennedy could be the vote deciding factor but roberts could be the pivotal vote. >> chief justice's tend to look for history. where will their position be? robert proved this in the health- care he was the deciding
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vote that helped sell the mandate. and he will go down in history as the roberts vote, not the kennedy boats of all holding that. i think that he will see this as a similar issue. not at the kennedy--about. >> and they are not anyone. >> little says that it is likely that they will not take the proposition 8 and the marriage back case back to back toward the could be looking at a decision sometime in the month of june, next year. dan kerman, kron 4 news scored >> mexican officials confirm that mexican american singer jenni rivera has died in a plane crash. video shows the site of the crash. the superstar along with two pilots and four other passengers were flying to mexico city when the plane lost contact with air traffic controllers just outside of monterey, mexico. rivera was born in long beach and first released her debut album in 1999. in october, people en espanol named rivera to its list of the 25 most powerful women. stories... >> opposition groups in
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egyp lots of sunshine today are on the bay and a view from mt. tam. this breeze there is san francisco toward the 60s today and everybody was in the 60s even the 70's in some spots. a beautiful evening. crystal clear conditions and temperatures on the mild side. milpitas, san jose. in the 60s even at this hour. 50s, cooler and concord, petaluma, 48. one of the cooler spots dropped into the upper 30's. not as cold as what we have seen with cooler skies. although in the north bay we could see some patchy, dense fog. as we get closer to sunrise. tomorrow, sunshine, mild temperatures in a few degrees cooler. tuesday, transitioning with a storm system coming out of the gulf of alaska. the chance
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for rain. on wednesday however, tuesday, the increase with clouds and tomorrow's temperatures will be in the 30's in the north bay. and 40's by the bay. the highs in the afternoon are really nice. the average temperatures in the 50s but tomorrow, low mid-60s. all the way to 66 degrees in santa rosa. your kron 4 7 day around the bay as i mentioned, to stay, sunshine toward increasing clouds and the afternoon. on tuesday sunshine. even in a bajwednesday's sunshine but the biggest factor will be the cooler temperatures. it will remain cooler for the weekend. >> if your call this? a
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group owners have taken up matters into their own handsafter a 40-foot whale washed up on a beach in malbu. you may recall, park and rec department officials didn't want to move the carcass. in case it broke up -- and created a mess. after days of rotting. hired a tugboat on saturday to tow the whale 20 miles off the coast. >> coming up this sobering tour of the banks of coyote creek and talk to one of the residents in the next edition of people behaving badly .
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this isn't easy this is a to cross with a camera, i'm not liking this but it is what is this is just one of many crudely designed bridges that allow the homeless to go back and forth >> im more worried about the camera, myself i can take a dunking but this camera can't >> there are 8 miles of
8:24 pm
homeless encampments along the coyote creek in san jose what i am about to show you is a small snippet >> they are all lined along the creek with is a very delicate ecosystem an eco system that is in grave danger ( sound of water flowing ) this water looks ok but this is what is flowing in it and see that shopping cart there litterly dozens like this the shopping carts are often used as metal nets to catch salmon and other wildlife some encampments have been destroyed by the flood water but others are still intact, this one was built on stilts it looks like any camp sight you might see . i had a chat with one of the residents this is dave salcido he use to work for mercury news, i was a san francisco mailer i worked the tribue chronicle it's over with the internets taked over the advertising >> i asked dave about all the trash >> this is trash left by all the other people they come temporarily and they leave and they leave all their stuff
8:25 pm
>> dave said that he tries to keep the area clean then he revealed something else you did 10 years in different jails, susanville jamestown, avanol, chino mississippi, >> and in 1978 he was required to register as sex offender because >> aw a girl was under the influence of pcp and we were having a party >> what he told me was to grapic to repeat so let's just say thing got out of hand and is he is still on parole there may be hundreds of parolees living along this 8 mile stretch of coyote creek along with hundreds of tons of garbage and unless there are some major changes on how we deal with the homeless state wide this is only going to get worse and our delicate ecosystem will suffer the most in san jose stanley roberts if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m .
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>> the bay bridge toll plaza one day away from getting a makeover. the work that"s planned for tomorrow. and -- some relief at thehow much gas prices have plunged -- and what drivers bay area. area. gabe slate tech music's, ready ! share the harmony... she'll be here soon ! she'll love this ! share a sweeter welcome... hey, hola, cómo estás ? hello, hey everyone.
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>> now at eight-30. the bay bridge toll plaza getting a face-lift. and it's happening tomorrow. kron4's mike pelton reports from the bridge -- on what crews are planning to change. >> beginning next week, the bay bridge road received a multimillion-dollar face looked with a restriking and a class of will be painted white. this will expect to last six months. there will not close any of the lanes during daylight hours this will be complimenting the new east span it will open september. at the bay bridge toll plaza, mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> a nice holiday present for drivers. gas prices continue to drop for the third week in a row. the average u.s. price of a gallon of gasoline has dropped ten cents over the past three weeks nationwide.
8:32 pm
now a look at prices here in the bay area. in san francisco the average gallon of regular is selling for three -71 a gallon. that's down almost 30 cents from a month ago. in oakland -- fuel will cost you about 3-59, and in san jose, 3-57. while gas prices are going down. bart is considering charging riders more to park at it's lots. but before that happens, the transit agency wants your input. kron4's justine waldman has the story. >> when parking rates went up at the daly city bart station in 2010, from 2 to 3 dollars a day. people stopped parking there. so bart brought the price back down. now bart is considering raising the rates at all its parking lots, by charging more for spaces based on demand. a full lot would cost more, an empty lot less. >> "there is no way i am paying more" >> "everything costs more these days" >> the increase could be as little as 50-cents. bart did have a budget surplus this year, those
8:33 pm
extra dollars went to fixing seats and adding air conditioning on the trains. bart wants to use the extra parking money to maintain the lots. with renovations and affording security. >> "i was mugged once more security would be nice" topthe question is. will an increase in parking turn riders off. again? promotec >> "you lose the motivation. cheaper to park." "bart wants to hear from riders about raising parking lots rates, they posted a survey and we posted it on our website in daily city justine waldman kron 4 news." >> seems like we've seen it all this in bay area weather. from rain -- to fog -- to cold -- to sunny skies. on the top right, a live look from our camera atop mount tamalpais. on the bottom right, a live look at downtown san francisco. i'm here in the kron4's
8:34 pm
brian van aken -- brian what can we expect his week? >> more changes with warm weather to start of the week. once a, thursday, the satellite wednesday, thursday, showing the satellite will off to the north. the snow off to the organ is a weather system that is where bring it is off the gulf of alaska. and- oregon as we go towards the latter part of the week and the weekend temperatures will be in the 50s. here is how it is shaping up by tomorrow with sunshine and mild temperatures. a another great day. tuesday starts
8:35 pm
off well but increase with clouds as the storm system gets closer. rain for wednesday and it could be light/moderate with colder temperatures. possibly snowfall at the higher elevations. i will let you know more about the weather, coming up from this week. >> surveillance from two women say orange county, but gets new tonight at eight. surveillance pictures of two women police say are using a stolen credit card from sausalito. the two women were recorded by two seperate security october 31st. the they were last seen at the east blithedale c-v-s store and at the chevron on redwood frontage road. gabe slate tech report >> the technology that we have seen in these cars are usually only and high-end luxury cars. however, not with ford. they are building in the summer release
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sophisticated, high-tech features. they are really building in this, really- amazing features. here is a look at the new implemented technology of ford. the keys are the thing of the past. this will work as long as the key is within range. it is also allowing you to start the car. if you are also within range. and handsfree liftgate. also if that same key is within range, you can lift it and close it with out using your hands. ford is adding large touchscreens to the front panel with entertainment, gps, blue tooth connectivity and a lot of other functions. it is like a tablet in your car. gps and the big screen with better navigation then looking at your small screen. it will
8:37 pm
also double as a rear view camera. with real time viewing. red, yellow, green and guides will line up with the white spots to help to guide you in the. there is also an active parking assistant. to take the dragged out of parallel parking. once you see it that, activate that and it will help. all you do is activate the brake pad. one of my favorite features are and flexible seat belts for the back seat. these flexible-inflatable back seat suites for the seat belts, can help neck compression and reducing
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>> welcome back. if the 49ers took over at the candlestick park. there were
8:41 pm
50 retchintouchdowns, with a nie room during
8:42 pm
welcome back everyone... the 49ers a heavy favorite over the dolphins...took care of business today at a packed candlestick park - just one home game left this year and 8 more next year before the niners 2) 2nd quarter/aldon smith - had two more sacks today brining his season total to a 49ers record 19 2, three shy of michael strahan's3) 3rd, 6-3 sf/key play in the game - marcus thigpen dolphins territory - cj spillman recovers for the4) two plays laterfrank gore up the middle for the 1 yard touchdown - gore ties roger craig and joe perry's franchise record with his 50th rushing touchdown 13- 5) lamichael james looked good in his 49ers debut with during a key 3rd quarter6) harbaugh going with some trickery - the flea flicker colin kaepernick who throws the ball 55 yards right onreplay shows #25 rj stanford niners - later in the drivefrank gore 19 yards down to the 1 where anthony dixon would score on the next play to cap off a 14 play, 83 yard drive - gore goes over the 1,000 yard8) give the dolphins credit throught the 4tha great diving one handed catch by anthony fasano for the 3 >> this is a tough game, what the we did great. >> the next two weeks that wind. and also seattle what could be the battle for the nfc west. college hoops, tell hosting u.n.l.v., my incomand mymontgomery- 2:15 left..
8:43 pm
huge games coming up for the niners the next two new england next sunday night, and then at seattle in what could be a battle for the nfc west montgomery's bears could 1) mike montgomery 2) nice backdoor cut for
8:44 pm
tyrone wallace who goes up and under for the layup and 2nd half cal up 2 3) unlv's anthony bennett - 4) here's the ballgame- cal up by 1 anthony marshall the airball the airball and puts it back fat history the 25 yeard old with a little give and go and the powerful left foot to score that gives him 86 goals for the season, breaking gerd barcelona and another 12 for 4th straight player of the history the 25 yeard old with a
8:45 pm
powerful left foot to score his 2nd goal of the game that gives him 86 goals for the season, breaking gerd mueller's 40 year old record messi has 74 goals for 4th straight player of the year award.. bring. and, which we expect by noon, brian? >> it was a great day with temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. a clear night on the monday night and tuesday. we will start out with a sun the clouds will increase and this rainfall will arrive tuesday night and wednesday morning. the wednesday morning commute looks what although it does not appear to be too heavy. the rainfall totals with 1/4-1 in. and as much as one
8:46 pm
half-1 in. for the zero other spots. temperatures in the morning. for the--other spots. 40's. the bay, and the afternoon highs will still be nice with a wonderful day. blue skies and mid-60s. look for low mid-60s in the east bay inland. and a 64 degrees in san leandro, union city, and also 60s for the north bay. 60s at the beaches and 60s on the peninsula. your kron 4 7 day around the bay tuesday, will start off with sunshine and the owls will b heavier clouds--flicker. and to showers lasting through the day with heavy clouds. however, clearing for the thursday afternoon and because this is coming in from the gulf of alaska, cold air toward even low mid
8:47 pm
'50s on the midweek or and the last chance will be on the saturday. >> the woman who was born
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
she was born in 1896 and had lived during three different centuries but there was so much more to her life. george howell went and found one person that knew her best to learn more about her extraordinary life. she saw the turn of the century 116 years. the world's oldest person. her 77 year-old son tells her story best. "she was a very determined person. and she thought, if she wanted to do it, she could do it. she did most of the time." "well into her hundreds." "oh yeah, well into her hundreds. and she lived at home alone until she was 105. out in the country." born in 1896 -- moved from tennessee to georgia to teach during world war i. and "sidney cooper" remembers -- she was passionate about learning. "she kept up with politics, read the paper every day, and later when tv came on, she watched the news on television." she was also a pioneer in the women's suffrage movement. "i think she understood that that was just not right, that women did not vote, could not have a voice in this country, in this democracy that we have. and for it, getting women involved and once it was opened up to them, she wanted them to get out and vote." "what was the event? out of all of those years, what was the biggest event that had the most impact on her?" "i think it would have been very difficult time. it frugal. they didn't waste
8:50 pm
anything." "never in her life did besse cooper ever have a driver's license. so, she never got over this bridge that was named after her just outside her hometown here in georgia. she did, though, at one point drive. during a license. and the only car she ever drove? the model was 68 years old, and she said she wanted to start drive because she lived in car, of course. but, we we thought she was too old. man, she was young. besse cooper died peacefully december 4th, 2012. went, and it was like she she looked beautiful." "what would you say people could learn from her?" "i think to be positive, in all aspects. her philosophy would get you ahead. be truthful, and honest." george howell. cnn, monroe, georgia.
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>> never count james bond out especially when it comes to the box office. 007 battled his way back to weekend. elizabeth corridan gives us a closer look in today's hollywood minute. bond is back on top. "skyfall" worked its way back to the number one spot in its fifth weekend on the big screen. the latest in the super-spy
8:56 pm
series took in 11-million- dollars to bring its north american ticket sales total to 261.6 million dollars. with the worldwide take closing in on a one billion dollars, the box office analysts at pictures' highest-grossing off film. >> "rise of the guardians" rose to second place over the weekend, racking up 10- and-a-half million dollars at the box office. after dominating for three weeks, those notorious vampires had to settle for third place. >> "the twilight saga:breaking dawn part 2" slipped two notches, bringing in 9-point-2 million dollars. >> a senator from west virginia is asking m-t-v to cancel the upcoming reality show "buckwild." in a letter to the network, democrat joe manchin called the show a "travesty" that -quote- "plays to ugly, inaccurate stereotypes about the people of west virginia. according to mtv's website, "buckwild" follows a group of friends in rural west virginia who live by the motto "whatever happens, happens." some of their favorite activities include dump truck pool parties and making human slingshots. "buckwild" is set to premier in january.
8:57 pm
m-t-v is not commenting on the senator's request. for hollywood minute, i'm elizabeth corridan. >> it almost felt like summer today. >> even on the coast. it is warmer than average, what 60s. that is what we are going to respect for tomorrow. san francisco, san jose. we can expect that- four tomorrow. >> some beautiful pictures, we will see you out of lebano 11 and a reminder, the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year is fast approaching. the biggest parties and spectacular fireworks will all be on kron 4's new year's live, hosted byit's the only local and live in
8:58 pm
the new year, and this year it promises to bekron 4's new year's live.4.
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